Vermiculite board – what is it?

Before going straight to the answer to the question stated in the title it is necessary to provide first some information regarding vermiculite, because not many people in the world are aware of the fact that this particular mineral is widely used in various areas of our everyday life and in many branches of industry.

As it was already said…

As it was already said before vermiculite in its natural form is a silicate mineral present in huge quantities in several countries, of which the most known are Russia, Brazil and China.
But what makes vermiculite really exceptional is the fact that it expands when heated – this allows to use vermiculite in many branches of industry, including for example automotive industry or fireproofing. Especially the latter use is quite common and there are numerous manufacturers providing various heat resistant products and insulation materials.

Particularly often vermiculite is used for…

Particularly often vermiculite is used for production of vermiculite boards – these boards can be fire resistant or fireproof and can also have surfaces imitating for example bricks. The main advantage of such boards over more traditional solutions( eg. ceramic fibre boards )is the fact that vermiculite board is much stronger, has very low thermal conductivity and can be easily sawn or drilled.

vermiculite board


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