Use of lightweight materials in car industry

It appears that modern day cars do need to go on a diet in order to preserve what has always been the best about a motor car, namely performance and handling. Little wonder, then, more and more manufacturers choose to use plastic as their lightweight option.
Car have been putting on so much weight over the last couple of years.

It is just enough to…

It is just enough to compare a family saloon car of today with its predecessors in order to realise the scale of the problem. Typically, cars of the 2000s and 1990s are up to 20% lighter than their contemporary equivalents. As we know, weight spoils everything including handling, performance and braking. Therefore, in order to keep the weight of modern cars under control, car companies have been using quite a lot of plastic to replace heavy metal bits. For example, then, most of the interior trim is plastic nowadays. There is simply no place for wood or leather in a contemporary car for the masses.

This brings use to yet another advantage…

This brings use to yet another advantage of using plastic in the automotive industry. Plastic manufacturing is quite simply cheaper than using leather, wood, metal or glass. More demanding customers are always given a choice of high performance luxury cars that use carbon fibre as their lightweight option.

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