Secure ways of dealing with fire

Even though we live in the 21st century digital age, we still have to put up with all sorts of fire and excessive heat-related issues. Luckily, manufacturers such as Vitcas offer a whole variety of refractory materials which make our furnaces or fireplaces safe and reliable.
It would appear that the 21st century reality leaves absolutely no room for fire-related problems and threats.

refractory cement


It would also appear that we…

It would also appear that we live in a world which has been through such a great development process that there isn’t a thing that hasn’t been discovered. Of course, the above-mentioned statements isn’t entirely true and although we certainly live in the digital age, we still have to manage fire and excessive-heat-related problems just like our ancestors did. Luckily, over the years we have learnt how to deal with the problems and threats that fire poses. For instance, a range of Vitcas refractory cements and mortars allows for obtaining very high temperatures in furnaces or fireplaces without any risk at all.

The Vitset 45 refractory cement features…

The Vitset 45 refractory cement features the high alumina technology which is responsible to obtaining unbelievably high maximum service temperatures in excess of 1000C. The Vitset 45 cement requires only air to become set which helps the efficiency a lot.

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