Safety aspects of a home fireplace

A fireplace is known for creating wonderful memories and a very pleasant atmosphere especially on a cold winter night. However, we mustn’t forget about all sorts of safety aspects related to using one. For example, the excessive temperature and fire require a proper heat insulation.
A fireplace is one of very few things that most people genuinely enjoy.

fire resistant board


There’s something unique to watching a…

There’s something unique to watching a fire give light and warm up the room in a way that only fire is capable of. However, we shouldn’t and mustn’t forget that having an open fire inside is always dangerous unless safety principles are observed. Certainly, a good design involves fire protection that is located right at the heart of a fireplace, i. e. inside. Special fireproof bricks joined together with a refractory mortar can give absolute security no matter how hot it gets inside a fireplace. Just for the record, a typical wood-fired fireplace is easily capable of reaching temperatures in excess of 1300C.

Luckily, though, using the above-mentioned…

Luckily, though, using the above-mentioned products combined with the Vitcas fire resistant boards gives a lot of safety that you need. The protective boards are made of vermiculite which is a naturally occurring silicate and it has a very low thermal conductivity making it perfect for the job.

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