Features of fire resistant boards

Vitcas is among the most successful companies offering all sorts of heat protective products for both home and industry use. In particular, the company in question is known for featuring top quality fire resistant boards made of vermiculite.
Even though very few people actually realise the fact that we would be in serious danger if it wasn’t for fire protective materials, the Vitcas company is there for you offering some of the best products on the market.

Features of fire resistant boards – gallery

fire resistant board

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The company’s portfolio features all sorts of heat resistant, fireproof and refractory materials that actively contribute to making your fireplace a nice and relaxing place to sit by. At this point we’d like to draw your attention to a selection of fire resistant boards. The Vitcas fire resistant boards are made of vermiculite which is widely recognised for its very low thermal conductivity which makes it perfect for the job at hand.

Interestingly, though, vermiculite is a…

Interestingly, though, vermiculite is a naturally occurring aluminium-magnesium silicate which doesn’t need an awful lot of processing to make it useful for fire protective purposes. All it needs is some heat which causes the material to expand and that’s how vermiculite is born. Of course, it is ready to use in its bulk form or it can be furthermore machined into boards.

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