Excellent features of fire resistant boards

Sitting by a fireplace on a cold November evening is certainly a great experience. However, a number of safety issues need to be taken into account in order to enjoy this experience safely. For example, heat protective materials have to be used in the construction process.
Millions of people absolutely love fireplaces and everything that they stand for.

Regardless of a particular culture, a…

Regardless of a particular culture, a fireplace always represents light and warmth and those two things are universally considered to be very pleasant and desirable. However, dealing with open fire is always dangerous and for this reason one has to be particularly careful so that all safety precautions are met. First of all, a fireplace needs to be made using refractory cements and bricks. At this point it should be mentioned that typical bricks are absolutely useless when it comes to handling extremely high temperatures. Mind you, a typical home fireplace is easily capable of reaching 1000C or more which is exactly why purpose-made materials are more than welcome.


fire resistant board

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Apart from the inside protection, one also needs to think of getting fire resistant boards which are usually fitted (vitcas.com) on the outside. Those boards serve two very important functions. Firstly, they keep all the excessive heat inside a fireplace so that there is no dangers of setting fire to your living room. Secondly, the boards release the heat energy slowly and gradually which helps to save money.

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