Enjoying a safe fireplace with Vitcas

The range of Vitcas professional fire protective products ensures maximum safety whenever things get a little bit too hot. As a results, you can enjoy your fireplace to the fullest extent without even having to think about safety issues which are taken care of by fire cements or fire resistant boards courtesy of Vitcas.
A winter evening spent by a fireplace is one of everyone’s all time favourites.

However, very few people actually realise…

fire resistant board

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fire cement

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However, very few people actually realise that in order to enjoy the light and warmth of a fireplace, one has to use purpose-designed materials rather than just regular ones. For example, then, a regular cement isn’t anywhere near as potent to deal with temperatures in excess of 1200C which are nothing unusual inside a fireplace. Therefore, a fire cement of some kind must always be used in order to ensure the structural integrity of your fireplace.

However, the list of fire protective items that have to be included doesn’t end just here.

One also needs fire bricks which…

One also needs fire bricks which are especially designed to withstand high temperatures without breaking or cracking. Finally, a set of vermiculite fire resistant boards must be used as well. The boards help to release the warmth of the fireplace slowly and gradually and keeps all the excessive heat deep inside your fireplace so that it doesn’t pose any threats.

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