A variety of Vitcas refractory cements

Vitcas (plus.google.com) is widely recognised manufacturer of fireproof, heat resistant and refractory materials designed to keep you and your house safe from the devastating effects of fire and excessive heat.

In particular, the company offers a…

In particular, the company offers a variety of refractory cements purpose-made for furnaces and fireplaces.
The Vitcas company has absolutely impeccable credentials as a manufacturer of products aimed at taming down the negative effects of fire and heat. Apparently, very few people actually realise than even a home wood-fired furnace or a fireplace can get up to temperatures in excess of 1000C. Therefore, special measures have to be taken in order to ensure safety at all times. In particular, a variety of Vitcas refractory cements (vitcas.com) provides a wide choice of products.

For example, the range of…

For example, the range of alumina refractory mortars offers excellent hear resistance figures. The Vitset 45 is good up to 1700C which is a truly magnificent achievement. Speaking of the Vitset 45, though, it must be said this is a ready for use cement that is perfect for all purposes including jointing, pitching and coating. The use of Vitcas refractory cements also protects bricks from overheating and cracking or braking as a result of excessive heat exposure.

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