A range of Vitcas refractory products

The Vitcas (plus.google.com) company offers a choice of excellent products designed to prevent the effects of excessive heat and fire from impacting our lives. In particular, a selection of Vitcas refractories is bound to keep the negative effects of fire and heat away from you and your house.
Vitcas is a household name in the refractory products industry all over the world.

refractory cement

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The company focuses on delivering only…

The company focuses on delivering only the best quality heat resistant, fireproof and refractory materials that are designed to keep your house safe at all times. For example, the range of refractory cements was especially designed to keep your fireplace or furnace safe at all times. The Vitcas refractory cements are silica based which results in extremely good temperature withstanding capabilities. To be precise, the Silicas 1C refractory cement is able to deal with temperatures up to 1550C. The 1C variety can be used both for sitting dense and insulating bricks which makes it very versatile.

However, the range of Vitcas refractory…

However, the range of Vitcas refractory cements doesn’t end here. Apart from the already-mentioned 1C there’s also the Silcas CFA which is an adhesive designed to be used with ceramic insulation devices. Finally, the Vitcas company also offers the Silcas M mortar which comes in white and it can be used straight out of the box.

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