A bit of info on fire bricks

There are numerous situations, when we will most likely need a reliable and resistant to heat material, which additionally will be relatively easy to buy – for example such material is invaluable when building a stove outside the house or a fireplace in our living room. In both above mentioned cases fire bricks will be the best possible choice.

What makes them so special…

What makes them so special then?
First of all fire bricks are not a modern invention – they are known for quite a long period of time, but in large quantities they were manufactured for the first time about a hundred years ago. Their main advantage over the traditional bricks is their extremely high resistance to high temperatures, which is a result of low thermal conductivity. Another advantage is the fact that fire bricks are resistant to rapid temperature changes and will not spall even if the change is really rapid.

It is quite easy to recognize a fire brick, because its weight is significantly higher than a standard brick, there is also a difference in colour( typical bricks are darker ). You should also remember that it is highly recommended to buy fire bricks only from reliable, trusted manufacturers, because the quality is very important – you don’ t want to rebuild your fireplace after two years of use, right?.

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